Handicare Stairlifts

We offer a variety of straight and curved stairlifts for you to choose from.    They are specifically designed to work in your space.    Our experts will evaluate your stairs and the areas above and below to find the right solution for your home.  Some lifts can be designed to fold up at the bottom when there is limited space or completely wind around a banister to tuck away nicely when not being used.  

On our curved stairs we use a software like no other that gives us the ability to show the stairlift of your choice on your actual stairs.  It is truly amazing!   Browse the options below and the available brochures.  

Handicare_950_frontal_LR (1).jpg

950 Straight


950+ Straight

The 950 stairlift has many innovative features and is simple to use.  One of our most economical solutions.  Discover more of it's feature by clicking on the Brochure    


The 950+. stairlift has the basic features of the 950 but with various advanced features such as the Smart Seat  &options for more power features  Click on the Brochure below.



1000 Straight

2000   curved

The 1000 can safely lift up to 350 lbs on our standard and 440 lbs on the XXL.  It is extremely durable for the outdoor or indoors and it boasts a stylish rail.   click for Brochure below.


The 2000 is custom fit to your staircase.  Landings and turns are no problem for this design which can brag aboutthe tightest bends in the industry today.         click on brochure below. 



Xclusive   Straight

the Xclusive is our more compact lift and exudes elegance with its contemporary design.  Very affordable and allows for additional power features.     click Brochure below.



Freecurve    curved

The FREECURVE is custom designed to your staircase.  It's beautiful one tube design is eye appealing and we offer several options for this model,  Comfort and beauty.  click on Brochure below.